Is blue turning grey?

Our remarkable nation with all its tender beauty, has its flaws. Like us humans. On a wider range, full of broken promises yet so much hope. With Bangladesh having already grappling everyday with detrimental issues such as political conflict which has led to corruption, poverty and severe problems in the educational system, facing increasing instability […]

G2: how to heal

Originally posted on rarasaur:
Your body is not small. The total surface area of the human lung could be spread to the height of a brachiosaurus. If you want to heal,you must firstfind every bruised place. Your body is not obvious.It sheds forty thousand cellsevery minute,and who knows how many of thosewere the last to…

Eye of a cyclone

from the outskirts of the skyit pitter-pattersfrom belowshards of heavy rain hitsoften times we are told our pain is nothingwhen more times than necessarya storm formsan earthquake inside the soula tornado of emotionsdarkness of hopean entire destructionwith each heavy tearoften times it seems like nihilitywhen deep downall we need is shelter


Why must be the world be so vast yet the minds of the millions be so narrow? How have we come to this point where demeaning someone lets us go on with our days as if we’re free of sin and judgement? Life trajectories of wealth, health and well-being diverge and expand on the more […]

Tied knots

the sound of people gossiping, laughter echoing the streets dogs from afar bark and spiders cob their webs away the wind rustles against the trees cars honk and engines roar but what resonates when i’m with you, thinking of you, is the sound of pure bliss and comfort the kind of melody that rings in […]

Cobweb of tears

days go by, tick tock tick tock the heaviness increasing and a little of our soul vanishes why have we been given the miracles to feel, smell and see if we let each day pass by without actually using them? when will we truly be free from this cage which life has imprisoned us in? […]