White flag

Maybe the world isn’t so complicated and that we make it such with out unexplainable enthrallment towards sadness. We are bound in such a way where we see happiness last for a day, or a minute. We crave so much of it that it feels like nothing once we have it. We are so dragged into the constant loophole of the past and the never-ending questioning of the future that we fail to see what’s in front of us. The human mind is so vast yet so tenacious on being complex. It is miraculous at some point at how quick it works or more over think of the worst in every situation. We are drawn into it like the moth attracted to a lamp. Our life is a blackhole and our soul gets sucked into it more and more until there’s nothing left.

How have we come to such a bewildering point in our life to sometimes even question our own sanity. On a more constricting note, hasn’t God given us the power of choice? Yet only to a certain extent of what is right or wrong? Every path in front of us seems to be thought twice before taking a step forward. Being cautions to protect oneself is one thing but maybe sometimes having that of a heart of a child can be dauntingly peaceful. To find that even amongst the tragedies of life, we have not lost our capacity to be excited by little things, like feeling the sunlight touch your skin ever so tenderly when you step outside, or having your nostrils filled with the smell of your cherished food, the sound of laughter from your loved ones reverberate or simply as letting the sweet melodies of the artist that seems to understand your soul like no one blast across the room.

It is awfully doleful to feel like we need to have more and more, the constant comparison and judgement of our worth. A materialistic culture that encourages constant wanting and sees possessions as the source of happiness is not the most fertile ground for gratitude. But it is not an insurmountable barrier to developing it. Defer from looking back or jumping puddles, instead realize that unanimity is here. This moment, right here, is an opportunity to be the one who keeps breathing in the unknown.

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