Is blue turning grey?

Our remarkable nation with all its tender beauty, has its flaws. Like us humans. On a wider range, full of broken promises yet so much hope. With Bangladesh having already grappling everyday with detrimental issues such as political conflict which has led to corruption, poverty and severe problems in the educational system, facing increasing instability in the market place, toxic masculinity overpowering in abusive households. We might conclude that the land we step on or the air we breathe, isn’t as vital as the others. Which is poignant as the ecosystem we live in ties in with our everyday natural services of human for our health, survival and quality of life. Bangladesh is, nevertheless, a gold mine. Its vast array of luscious crop and agricultural land mines which keeps growing profoundly in every aspect. It is absolutely heartbreaking for such a marvelous country to be destroyed by the never-ending concern of water pollution.

Every single step we do is interconnected. How harshly have we thrown out waste onto the land which will eventually be thrown into the river banks? Causing the evening air to swim with mosquitoes and the aquatic population to suffer due to our carelessness which in the end we use as food source. We may easily discern that water is the spring of life. According to biologists, all life form came from the sea means water. We have yet misused it.

Most of the water bodies in Bangladesh are contaminated with several contaminants and not suitable for human consumption without proper treatment. Besides heavy metal contamination, poor awareness and education has caused an insuperable usage of pesticides for proper treatment of crops of surface water sources is the most prospective menace for the people of Bangladesh. Health risk regarding consuming water is very high with Arsenic contamination, is problematic not only as a health hazard but also a social problem in Bangladesh. Bacteriological contamination is also a great source of surface water which causes threats to both urban and rural people. Pollutions discharges can also cause both change in physical and biological aspects thus disrupting the biodiversity. 

Bangladesh being such a vast and overly populated country makes it arduous to cause a copious change. Yet change only happens when individuals take action. We mustn’t ponder over the feeling of being overwhelmed instead we should use our voices to speak up when there are so many who are unable to as they can be drowned by the demotivation of others seeing these sorts of situations as insignificant.

We can start off by simply stopping the people around us from littering, or if any litter is seen just throw it in the trashcan. Guide those who needs guidance. Pouring fat and grease down the drain can cause pipes to get clogged which contaminates local water bodies. Pouring it in the trash or in a specific container can help prevent that. Never flush medicines down the toilet, and or dump it in any nearby pond or lake. The drugs tend to accumulate in the water, for fishes and aquatic wildlife. Causing a variety of health problems in fish and birds and contaminate drinking water we use. Plastic in our country is heavily used. Plastic shopping bags can cause fishes to choke. Plastic bottles can last for decades in the water as it’s non-biodegradable. Buying some reusable cloth or plastic grocery bags can help wonders.

Taking care of the planet should be of great importance for it is as our own home. We live in it, species of many kind and so much more. Even the smallest of steps can cause an immense change to our everlasting economy so let’s start today. Hand in hand. For a brighter and more breathable future.

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