‘hey google’ will 2021 be better…

Let’s face it, 2020 was…preposterous to say the least. It would be better to not have a list written down of the copious number of horrid things that prevailed in the span of one year for it is instilled in our memory like it happened yesterday, unfortunately. But alas, all bad days last for 24 hours…right?

It has been a roller coaster of a series of unfortunate effects. Clustering up forming a black hole that is left in each of our souls. Festering and luminating until there’s nothing left. A rather ominous way to put it, nevertheless the reality. Everyday has been a struggle to most and the fact that we’ve made it this far, should be celebrated and revered. No wonders we’re fervently excited about this year coming to an end!

And hope, indeed, is what we have. Because throughout 2020, amazing advances have given hope that rose in science, technology, digital health, leadership and in basic human care and kindness. Anti-racist books topping the lists. More people wash hands than ever before. Neighbors caring, dogs adopted and people start searching for the real meaning of their lives. Although the current affairs always took the focus off of these positive consolidations, they were there and will stay with us in the future, giving hope not only for 2021 but for the years and decades way beyond it.

Everyday we have fought to make it through yet another tumultuous day. That required courage and we have been so brave to ponder through. Hope guiding us like a lighthouse during an appalling storm, an anchor grounding us while life tried to breach in on our every strength. We have fought. We have found the simplicity in the small things, having feel the sun absorb the coldness from our souls, feeling the sharpness of the gentle grass as we walked in parks, having savor every laugh echo from another human, craving the warmth of a simple hug. Have we not found the bliss in connecting with oneself when doing things that we once loved but kept aside due to our busy lives? The most prodigious task we could have done was acceptance. Where we were bound in such a situation where the future seems uncertain. Building hopes for unrealistic situations which often misled us to a point of disappointment or more anxiety. The greatest sword we have given ourselves during the war was simple, yet so hard to acquire, acceptance. Letting go of the burden and just hoping that all will be well at its right time.

All in all, we should pat ourselves for withstanding against all odds and carouse profoundly. May 2021 be full of abundant hope and a year full of accomplished dreams with the mindset that we can prevail all if we wanted to.

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